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Last week, we talked about the technical aspects of titles and home transactions, and we hope it helped you feel more confident on your home-buying journey. Today, we want to go on a trip with you, a trip that explores some of the most vibrant and diverse neighborhoods of New York. Let’s start with Flushing, where Federal Standard Abstract grew from a small team to the big family we are today.

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Back in 1645…

Flushing was a Dutch colony of New Neverland and was called Vlissingen. It was named after the Dutch city of Vlissingen. In 1657, the citizens of Flushing drafted a petition for more religious freedom in the colony. They were explicitly protesting a ban on Quaker worship, which some residents and the ruler found unsettling. This incident was remembered as the Flushing Remonstrance and is one of the earliest efforts to advocate for religious freedom. Flushing has since become the icon of ethnic diversity and religious freedom.

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From Vlissingen to Flushing

In 1664, the English took control of New Amsterdam and renamed it New York, thus Vlissingen became Flushing. This area continued to witness the turbulent times of the American Revolution, including hosting Nathan Hale, a revolutionary spy who was later captured near Flushing Bay.

Fast forward to the 19th and 20th centuries

Flushing underwent huge transformations in the 19th and 20th centuries. It blossomed into a residential and commercial hub after introducing railroad services and the construction of significant roadways and bridges. Flushing has now become the home of over 240 thousand people and remains a melting pot of cultures.

Flushing is historically significant

More importantly, Flushing is a testament to evolution and diversity. We hope you enjoyed learning about the past of Flushing, and we look forward to going to the next neighborhood with you. Feel free to reach out if you want to dig deeper into the history of our community, and as always, check out our YouTube channel and contact Federal Standard Abstract for any real estate questions; our experts are here to help.