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Our Service Offerings

With our deep expertise and carefully honed processes, our title, search, and settlement services are completed quickly and with minimal delays – ensuring a smooth process from start to finish. In addition, we develop and execute strategies that combine yours with ours seamlessly and ensure efficient turnaround.

Other Services

In addition to the services listed above, Federal Standard Abstract offers a wide range of others designed to allow our clients the convenience of a “one-stop shop.” We can process unusual title insurance requests, customized service requests, and many other possibilities.

Title Examination & Miscellaneous Search

Attorney Search
Attorney search is search without title insurance. The search will show the owner(s) of the property and if there are any mortgages and liens against the property/owner(s).

Foreclosure Search
Foreclosure search covers documents filed for the foreclosure action and provides a summary report of the action.

Continuation Search & Update
Continuation Search & Update covers any new liens and judgments recorded against the property from the date provided.

Co-op Search
Co-op Search report covers any UCCs, judgements and liens against the unit, cooperative corporation, and the unit’s shareholder(s).

Covenant & Restriction Search
Covenant & Restriction Search report lists the covenants, restrictions, and easements on public record against the property.

UCC Lien & Judgment Search
UCC Lien & Judgment Search covers Judgments and liens, State and County UCC’s and bankruptcies against name(s) within 10 years.

Last Owner Search
Last Owner Search report will show the last owner on record for the property.

Litigation Search
Litigation Search covers any pending litigations against name(s) in count(ies) as provided.

Name Run
Name search covers all judgment returns recorded in County’s record against the name(s).

Open Mortgage Search
Open Mortgage Search will show any open mortgage(s) on record for the property.

Surrogate’s Court Search
Surrogate’s court search covers the public record of the decedents filed in surrogate’s court, including probate of Wills, administration of Estates, etc.

Corp./Franchise Tax Search
Corp./Franchise Tax Search covers any outstanding tax/missing tax report against the entity.

Good Standing Search
Certificate of Good Standing Search certifies the existence and standing of an entity in the Secretary of State.

Recording and Filing

Courtesy Land Record Filing

Filing of Biennial Statement

Certified Copies of recorded documents or corporate documents

Document Preparation

Acris/Transfer Document Preparation

Deed Preparation

Zoning Certification

Party Wall Declaration

3 Fixture Bathroom Declaration

Easement Agreement